Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Smoke and Mirrors

Proposal Set to Curb Bank Giants
Obama to Propose New Rules on Banks’ Size, Proprietary Trading

I think this is smoke and mirrors.  If Obama or anyone else had seriously wanted to do something about financial risk taking they would have done it a year ago.  In my opinion this is another false flag non-event.  It will never materialize, will be watered down, drag on for years, or be too late.  The real question, yet again, is why?  Why now and what does it mean?  I suspect it is political cover so can say tried to do something or started to take action to reduce financial risk.

Here is another false-flag story, this one more blatant than the first

Insane Deficit Commission Idea Gathers Momentum Nov
Deficit Commission Proposal Designed As A Horrorshow Of Legislative Dysfunction Dec
Deficit Commission: Gregg, Conrad Explain How It Will Pointlessly Spend Money Jan
White House Embraces Pointless Deficit Commission Idea Jan

Question is what is the point?  Clearly more smoke and mirrors but why? Another example of how the people really have no idea what is going on and the politicians don't want us to know.  Watch this hand while you have no idea what the other hand is doing.  This commission implies that the government intends to do nothing.

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