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Judy Rebick: On Saturday's G20 arrests and detentions

Seeing It All in Toronto

Still Free, Barely Holding On

Synopsis:  Not all of us who are fighting in the streets here in Toronto are despondent, but a great many of us are.  I am.  We are experiencing in our neighborhoods what brown people have experienced for centuries around the world at our hands.  It has come home to roost.  I woke this morning from a dream of Kanada, and I was weeping uncontrollably.  Our children are attacked by troops openly in the streets, openly in so-called “free speech zones.”  We chant, “the world is watching,” but as we are beaten back from the neighborhoods in which we have lived for two hundred years by troops who may not even be Canadian, we see football on the TV’s.  Is anyone watching us?  My ten-year-old was almost fucking killed when he was attacked by police in a free-speech zone.  My fourteen-year-old and I were chased for two hours.  Does anyone out there care?  My friend in California recommends TOSCA-style action.  Could we have TOCA here—take over Canada?  I feel nothing but despair.  My friends are being dragged off to left and right, and the world watches football.  I began the weekend juggling for the troops, holding out flowers, but I end hunted and in tears, paranoid and sad.  It feels like the end.  We are still free, but barely holding on.  Why do they hate us so much?

Toronto Police attack peaceful protesters and journalistsJune 26, 2010
Toronto, Ontario -- After a large march and rally against the meeting of the G20, police attacked a crowd of peaceful protesters in Queens Park. The following clip shows police attacking and arresting protesters. At 1:02, video journalist Brandon Jourdan is thrown to the ground and beaten by police while shooting video.

G20 Live: Saturday

G20 Live: Sunday

Fox's Business crew launches a class war against the poor

On today's (June 26, 2010) episode of Fox News' Cashin' In, Fox Business employees Cheryl Casone and Tracy Byrnes and regular FBN guest Jonathan Hoenig came up with a radical idea to solve America's national debt problem: Raise taxes on the poor!

Far From Gulf, a Spill Scourge 5 Decades Old

BODO, Nigeria — Big oil spills are no longer news in this vast, tropical land. The Niger Delta, where the wealth underground is out of all proportion with the poverty on the surface, has endured the equivalent of the Exxon Valdez spill every year for 50 years by some estimates. The oil pours out nearly every week, and some swamps are long since lifeless. 

Oil leak may be 19 times larger than BP and US government say News

Rep. Gene Taylor: Response to Gulf of Mexico oil spill incompetent
As oil spread as close as 1½ miles from Jackson County's coast Saturday, U.S. Rep. Gene Taylor called the response to the Deepwater Horizon oil disaster "incompetent."

"I'm having a Katrina flashback," said the Bay St. Louis Democrat after an aerial survey of the Mississippi Sound and barrier islands Saturday morning. "I haven't seen this much incompetence since Michael Brown was running FEMA." Brown was the FEMA director who was fired for a faulty response to Hurricane Katrina in 2005

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