Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Enforcing the G20 economy
...the cold reality of the G20 meetings is a renewed commitment to building an economy that reflects the brutality of Toronto's G20 jails

City council commends “outstanding” police G20 work

After an emotional morning-long debate, city council has voted 36-0 to laud police Chief Bill Blair, the Toronto police services and other forces for their work on the G20 weekend.

G20 police ‘yanked’ off prosthetic leg: amputee

Toronto — A 57-year-old amputee says he was “brutalized” and “humiliated” by police patrolling the G20 summit when they confiscated his prosthetic leg, labelled it a “weapon” and ordered him to “hop” into a paddy wagon

Fascism Then. Fascism Now?
When people think of fascism, they imagine Rows of goose-stepping storm troopers and puffy-chested dictators. What they don't see is the economic and political process that leads to the nightmare.

US Special Forces Foreign Internal Defense Operations, FM 3-05.202, Feb 2007

This leaked military document is critical to understanding the militaristic tactics being perpetrated upon innocent civilians on Canadian soil. The tactics used by US special forces abroad, as laid out in this booklet, are virtually the same tactics that are now progressively being utilized by our police forces. To understand and expose their tactics is to render them useless. Must read and please pass this on!
"US Special Forces Foreign Internal Defense Operations, FM 3-05.202, Feb 2007
FM 3-05.202: Special Forces Foreign Internal Defense Operations is the 110 page manual for US Special Forces support, including undeclared support, of foreign governments against internal revolt or insurgency, such as in El Salvador, Colombia, Somalia and the post occupation governments of Iraq and Afghanistan. The manual was made US military doctrine (policy) in February 2007. It supersedes the 1994/2004 version FM 31-20-3: Foreign Internal Defense Tactics Techniques and Procedures for Special Forces, which Wikileaks described as follows:
The document, which is official US Special Forces policy, directly advocates training paramilitaries, pervasive surveillance, censorship, press control, restrictions on labor unions & political parties, suspending habeas corpus, warrantless searches, detainment without charge, bribery, employing terrorists, false flag operations, concealing human rights abuses from journalists, and extensive use of "psychological operations" (propaganda) to make these and other "population & resource control" measures palatable."
Document freely accessible here:


G20 Justice


Self-anointed G20 ‘journalists’ should get real

Journalists covering the protests were due no special rights, access or protection 

POlice - "You have no rights...You're not in Canada anymore"

Gulf Coast now a BP police state as law enforcement conspires with BP to intimidate journalists

Oil/Water samples from Gulf...VERY TOXIC

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