Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Collapse - Michael Ruppert

Just watched this today and had to write something down about it.  Still haven't seen Michael Moore's new film - Capitalism, a good copy hasn't been released yet and I refuse to pay to see anything in a movie theatre so will wait.

In "Collapse" Michael puts everything together and ties it around peak oil.  Peak Oil is irrefutable,  it's math, it's physics, you can't argue with it.

He has many interesting things to say so hard to pick certain parts out, one of the more interesting is that thinks a transition period of 20 years would be incredible and is very unlikely.  More likely will take 50-100 years.  He says the same thing I have been saying, the issue is how to survive the transition.

There are so many things going wrong and so fast I quite frankly have given up trying to stay on top of it.  Michael's blog and whoever is updating it is doing a good job of collating articles on what is going on.

"Above all else, see "Collapse." Above all else." - Roger Ebert

"See "Collapse" and die. Or die anyway, apparently. I was speechless after this film. Well, I am anyway, but this was worse." - Roger Ebert

Collapse - It's happened to every great civilization - Reviews

Independent journalist Michael Ruppert predicted the global recession. Now he's foreseeing an imminent energy crisis 

Mike Ruppert Blogspot 


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