Saturday, December 26, 2009

Now we know what is going on with HealthCare

Karl Denninger has a great post up yesterday which lays out how Healthcare is going to evolve over the next few years and morph into a single payer system.  It makes sense, is logical and fits perfectly.  Worth reading to find out what is really going on and what the true intent is.

The True Intent of Health "Reform"

What is so stunning about this is the continued deception that is taking place in the US congress on its own citizens.  Just as with the US presidential election, you have to listen to both sides, the democrats and the republicans to get a picture of what is really going on because neither side will tell the public the whole complete truth.  The truth being that both parties and all involved are fundamentally reshaping America and counting on its citizens not to pay attention.   It is only because of people like Karl anyone able to figure out what is really happening.  

Other interesting tidbits

Karl also has a couple of other posts worth reading not related to Heatlhcare, namely how congress has enacted unlimited loans to Fannie and Freddie to cover upcoming losses over the next three years (confirmed by the NYTimes and MSNBC U.S. lifts $400 billion cap for Fannie, Freddie) and another on how the federal reserve has monetized treasury bond sales.  Here is another post about pension plans: U.S. state and local governments face more than $530 billion in unfunded public pension liabilities and most do not have funds set aside to pay for them.

Real US debt to GDP is around 840%

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