Monday, January 25, 2010

One of The most informative and enlighting post I have ever read

I have been trying to figure out what is going on since Oct 31 2008 6:00PM EST.  That was the time and day I discovered that B.H.Obama was pre-ordained to be the next president of the United States from watching CNN and rest of MSM.

Since then, Oct 31st 2008, I have been trying to figure out what the hell is going on.

I still don't know.  

I know a lot more, but I still don't know what is going on or why.

What I do know is B.H.Obama has made the economy a lot worse.

Obama along with Brown in UK, Harper in Canada and all the other G20 leaders have made it worse.  Why I don't know.  What the objective is I don't know.  Where this is all going I don't know.

I do know my conception of government and corporations has been turned upside down.  Since discovering Walter Burien yesterday, Jan 24th 2010, I no longer think corporations are evil entities aided by complicit governments.  Rather corporations are evil government entities intent on looting, pillaging, raping, destroying people and the environment.   Corporate-government entities are hell bent on extracting everything from everyone and the earth for maximum return. 

I used to think that corporations and banks were evil corrupt empires aided by governments.  The reality is corporations are used by governments to carry out evil.

The article below is one of the worst and most horrifying things I have read in the year or so I have been looking into this

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