Friday, January 29, 2010

Who is Obama?

Cornel West is absolutely right.  From a policy standpoint, Obama is simply the newest CEO of the United Corporate States of America.

Everything Cornel says about Obama is true, $23.7 Trillion in bailouts for public-private corporations are perfectly acceptable, but doing anything for poor and working people is communism.  Something seriously out of whack here.

"Obama made it clear, that when he moved into the white house...he was going to reassure the establishment, and thats exactly what he's been doing"

"Obama formed certain habits when he campaigned, and one of those habits was to neutralize white fears and anxiety, as he capitalized on black solidarity ."

"..get yourself together, pull yourself up by your own bootstraps, personal responsibility, oh you didn't say that when the investment bankers were in trouble did ya, they never pulled themselves up by their own bootstrap.  They got $787 billion dollars.  Can you imagine giving $787 billion dollars to poor people."

The problem, I personally have, is this speech Obama gave on November 29th 2007at the Apollo Theatre.  If it is all meaningless mumbo jumbo, its pretty effective.  Thinking Obama didn't know what actual governing would be like is nonsense.  Thinking he was playing up to the crowd is emotionally and rationally logical.  The problem is, why pretend to be someone you are not?  Why go this far?  Say anything to get votes and get elected?  Logically yes, emotionally no.

It doesn't make a lot of sense.  Other than Obama is a complete fraud and charlatan.

My slim hope is that Adam Kokesh is right. Obama is creating a "teachable moment" and the american people are waking up.

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