Tuesday, March 23, 2010

deleveraging etc

SocGen: There Is No Way Out Of This Mess But Continued Massive Deleveraging
New Consumer Data Suggests a Double Dip is On the Way
New Invention Using Spent Nuclear Fuel Rods Could Unlock U.S. Oil Reserves Three Times Larger Than Saudi Arabia's
Cramer’s 5 Obama-Proof Dividend Plays

Florida Set To Change The Rules Of Its Retirement System As Prelude To Eventual Social Security Endgame

U.S. states may be the next dominoes to topple

The Elusive Canadian Housing Bubble

Scotiabank Forum Discusses the Year Ahead for the Canadian Real Estate Market
"It is time for Canadians to reset their housing market expectations. We expect 2010 will mark a transition year as the boom of the 'aughts' gives way to a sustained period of more subdued housing activity over the coming decade"
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It's time to pay our debt, not go further into it.
...although we've enjoyed a pretty good run in the housing market over the past 30 years or so, there's no guarantee home-ownership will pay off as handsomely for the next generation entering the market today. Recent experience in the U.S. and Europe, especially Ireland, tells us the forces of gravity are as potent in the residential real-estate market as they are in the physical world: House prices do go down...In these uncertain times, leverage is out and deleveraging is in.

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