Sunday, June 20, 2010

US Corporate Media and Israel

Israel's official statements about the flotilla were terrible. But our media's treatment of the situation was just as bad.

The next time there is news about Israel killing activists, massacring children, bombing a refugee camp or perhaps obliterating an entire country, there is no need to pay attention to the facts. All you need to know is Israel, the eternal victim that says it will never feel secure, is just responding to some terrorist. And once the last ruthless animal is exterminated, there will be “peace.”

'How Has My Country So Terribly Lost Its Way?'
'Anyone who does not agree with the government and/or military policy is perceived as a traitor. Democracy is to be feared and freedom of speech has become profanity.' 
The Gaza blockade has nothing to do with Israel defending itself.

No need for flotillas if Gaza turns to peace'

President Peres tells Jewish Agency assembly, 'Would Gaza leaders denounce terror, stop building tunnels, shooting missiles, release Gilad Shalit, there would be no need for any sort of closure or blockade'

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