Thursday, March 18, 2010

"greatest organized fraud on the working masses in the history of world."

To Beggar The Working Masses...
Quite simply, devaluation of currencies is the root cause of all the financial problems in the world today. All countries are forced to devalue their currency because of the G8. It's done by printing up more and more paper currency and issuing more and more fiat bogus bank credit each year. The sheer volume of paper currency and fiat bank credit has steadily increased year after year for decades. It's like a big tank of milk that's been watered down again and again, so that today it has almost no "nutritional" value (purchasing power). Each time you have to have more and more of this "milk" to get the same "nutrition" (purchasing power) as you did before. The real purpose of the big G8 and G20 summits is so the conniving leaders of the various world gov'ts can devalue their respective currencies in lockstep so the general public will not catch on to how vast the devaluation and ruin of their purchasing power really is. This is why the meetings are secret. It's all done to keep the bums running the gov'ts of the world rolling in dough. It is the greatest organized fraud on the working masses in the history of world. 

U.S. economy is a shambles, with no improvement in sight
President Obama's claim that a second depression isn't possible doesn't square with the relevant numbers 

Germany’s central bank – the Deutsche Bundesbank (German for German Federal Bank) – has admitted in writing that banks create credit out of thin air.

Reserve Requirements and Money Creation 

Banks Create Credit Out of Thin Air

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