Friday, March 19, 2010

50 - 100 - 500 years

Well, been thinking about this for a few weeks now and have resolved what is going on in my mind unfortunately. I wrote a piece  a while ago responding to Modern Mystic question a) fast b) slow. At the time I thought, fantasized, would be a) fast. Its going to be b) slow. Very slow.

Part of my fantasy was that the elite were intending to implement a new better system, one that works for everybody, or would in the long run. A different path, a sustainable future, zeitgeist, Transfinancial Economics etc.

Well I no longer believe that.

It is all corrupt, corrupt, corrupt. Corrupt and evil. Those in power are the worst of the worst. Even Obama. I still can't believe they went to all this effort to perpetuate the fraud and corruption, but they have. I mean why bother. Global warming/Climate change is a fraud.  What was the "Swine Flu Pandemic" for?  More money to drug companies? That beggars belief. The "Swine Flu Pandemic" was an orchestrated event. Google discovered it? Give me a break. What was it all for? I don't know.

I liked to dream intent was to prepare the public for a radical shift imposed from the top down. I don't think so anymore. Now I think the bailouts, corruption etc is all to great and they will continue it as long as they can. This piece about Hannity and tax returns from the "Freedom Alliance" are nothing less than revolting.  Or this, New York intends to close all its homeless shelters according to Russia Today.

In other words there will be no top down revolution. If a revolution occurs it will be from the bottom up and that is 50-100-500 years away.

So much for getting my hopes up. Bummer

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