Thursday, June 10, 2010

More evidence

Israeli document: Gaza blockade isn't about security

Lieberman: Israel shouldn't lift Gaza siege until Hamas lets Red Cross see Shalit

Israel FM Lieberman admits Gaza blockade intended as collective punishment: a war crime

Israel trying to get Gaza people to overthrow Hamas

Through piracy, Israel has revealed its true nature to the world 

Advocate of war crimes to head IDF enquiry

By Moshe Machover – 10 June 2010
According to a YNET report of 7 June, 2010, IDF Chief of Staff  Lt.-Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi has appointed Maj-Gen (ret.) Giora Eiland to head “external inquest into deadly raid of Gaza flotilla”.
This is an excellent choice. Gen. Eiland is the main  author of the Dahiya Doctrine of  “disproportionate response”, which calls for “the wholesale destruction of the military, government and civilian infrastructure of the enemy entity”.
As quoted by New York Times, 19 January 2009:
The Israeli theory of what it tried to do here [in Gaza, 2008-9] is summed
up in a Hebrew phrase heard across Israel and throughout the military in the past weeks: “baal habayit hishtageya,” or “the boss has lost it.” It evokes the image of a madman who cannot be controlled.

“This phrase means that if our civilians are attacked by you, we are not going to respond in proportion but will use all means we have to cause you such damage that you will think twice in the future,” said Giora Eiland, a former national security adviser.

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