Monday, June 7, 2010

The per verbal rabbit hole

The more look into the events last week and the aftermath the more disturbing it gets.  The links, stories, articles, posts, videos about this are limitless.  Some on the blogosphere have written fantastic insights into what happened and the events that followed.  It is really too much too list.

What is becoming clearer though is that the IDF and its hasbara are nothing more than incompetent propagandists that would have made even Joseph Goebells  ashamed.  They cannot get a story straight or control its own releases to maintain continuity.  They come out with one version of events only to have it contradicted a day or so later by someone else within the IDF itself. 

More disturbing than the picture of the IDF as an incompetent band of murderers, hooligans, thugs, bullies and facists, is the role of the United States in supporting Israel and the IDF, and in particular Obama who has revealed himself as a Zionist. 

The image and message Obama projected during the presidential campaign has been completely shattered.  The question the republicans kept asking during the campaign "Who is Obama" has definitly been answered.  He is a zionist agent, just like every president since Kennedy.

There are many examples could use to show this but here is a very recent one, his interview on Larry King Live June 3rd 2010.

Larry King – President Obama Interview Transcript

Obama - Here’s what we’ve got.  You’ve got a situation in which Israel has legitimate security concerns when they’ve got missiles raining down on cities along the Israel/Gaza border.  I’ve been to those towns and seen the holes that were made by missiles coming through people’s bedrooms.  Israel has a legitimate concern there.  On the other hand you’ve got a blockage up that is preventing people in Palestinian Gaza from having job opportunities and being able to create businesses and engage in trade and have opportunity for the future.


Firedoglake sums it nicely: 

No, Mr President. The Real Problem in Gaza is not a Lack of “Job Opportunities.”


"On the one hand, these missiles are "raining down on Israel," which is quite the exaggeration (23 casualties in 10 years is hardly raining). Indeed, no mention of the artillery, white phosphorous or 500 pound HE bombs raining on Gaza. Or the snipers shooting at children. Or the American who was just blinded by a heroic IDF soldier.
On the other, the main problem Gazans have is a lack off business opportunities. That strikes me as some foul Randian BS, eh? No, the lack of clean water, food, schools or medicine isn’t an issue. It’s the lack of business opportunities. Roger that!"

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