Saturday, January 16, 2010

Just finished watching "Obama's America"

Feel a bit better, I think.  The last ten minutes of this BBC production gave me some hope.

There are two sides to Obama, the man before he was elected President, and the man after.

Listening to his words, he sounds like the old Obama, a populist with a strong main street message.

So what has happened in the year since Obama has been elected?  

The only way you can tell what is going to happen is by looking at his and congress actions.

On the one hand he has made the elite richer, more powerful, and given them access to unlimited funds to become bigger, take more risks and enrich themselves beyond imagination.

On the other hand he has done nothing for main street and made the people poorer, homeless, jobless, taken their hope away.  The much talked about consumer protection agency has been scrapped.  Talk of a meager handout to social security recipients has been scrapped.   Bringing down prescription drug costs has been scrapped, lending to small business has been curtailed, HAMP is being scrapped, the list goes on and on.

In other words, Obama has done everything to enrich and secure wall street at the cost of main street. 


As I wrote earlier, everything he and congress has done is to make wall street more powerful, and own everything.  He is not trying to fix the system, he is making worse.


To what ends?

I think Obama and congress intend to implode the financial system from within.  Crash the entire financial system of the world permently.  End of the world as we know it.  This will make main street and wall street hate him beyond belief.


To rebuild it based on a new model, a sustainable model that will benefit everyone, something like Transfinancial Economics.  You have to crash the existing system in order to implement a new one. 

I hope I'm right.

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