Saturday, January 16, 2010

Thoughts about Obama...again

Been thinking about Obama again and this argument that he is either 1) Corporate-Banker Elite puppet 2) Out to save the world 3) A fool.

Very difficult to put all the pieces together and come up with a complete picture as the level of disinformation and misdirection is intense.

I think one can make the argument both ways, he is clearly not a fool so can discount that completely.  The argument he is corporate-elite puppet is very strong and well grounded in history by Micheal Ruppert in "Crossing the Rubicon."

The argument he is out to save the world has merit, but lacks evidence and rationality other than Obama's history and background.

Everything Obama has done since taking office has been to bail out, backstop banks, the financial system and further enrich the elite.  He has done nothing that benefits the people, a proposal to send out a meager additional $250 in 2010 to social security recipients was dropped in December.  One can irrationally make the argument that this is deliberate.

There are several things that are clear, Obama has accelerated the bankruptcy of America and the rest of the G20 have followed suit.  This course of action has enriched the elite and bankers at the cost of the people.  There is a possibility this is being done deliberately to destroy the entire financial system of the world and suck as much wealth out of the people into the hands of the few.  Obama has done nothing to restore the consumer or manufacturing economy.  The US has a 70% consumer economy, no jobs=no economy.

In other words,  if the aim is to suck all the wealth out of the world into the hands of the few at an exponential rate it is working. The question is why.

The super elite already have unimaginable wealth and power.  Do they need more to turn the entire world into a feudal society with billions of unhappy people?  People are already debt slaves.  What is the upside in creating more miserable people?  Happy people = content people.  Unhappy ones rebel.  That is why social security was created.  Without a welfare state people rebel and riot.  Jim Cramer about a year ago called it the greatest wealth destruction the world had ever seen.  What is the upside?  A completely enslaved feudal society?  Why?  More power, more concentrated wealth, ownership of everything?  What is the point?  To create a world mirrored on George Orwell's "1984" ? A world as the one depicted in "Equilibrium"?
What is the point?  Perhaps this could be accomplished in China, but I doubt it.  It certainly couldn't be accomplished in the US, the people would rebel, riot and string all politicians up by the nearest telephone pole.  It that is the goal, it wouldn't last long.  There would quite literally be a civil war in the US.  Is that the intention?  Recreate conditions in the US to allow for the formation of another Magna Carte?  Is that the end goal?  I don't know.  It's a very real possibility however.

The great unknown here is what is the plan?  What does the blueprint look like?  Where is this all going.  I keep going back and forth between global enslavement and the implementation of a new economic system like Transfinancial Economics.  It's been an emotional roller coaster for me over the last year or so.  Put as many people into misery in order to implement TF or put as many people into misery and keep them there.  Which is it and when is it coming?  I still don't know.

The argument that Obama et al want to impose a new sustainable equitable economy has merit.  I cannot believe that he has the support of so many people, including practically everyone in the MSM, for the implementation of world wide serfdom and misery ruled by a one world government.  That just seems inconceivable.  Keith Olberman, Rachel Maddow, Chris Mathews, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, CNBC, CBC, Fox, Bloomberg etc. all know what is going on and where this is going.  It is inconceivable the intent is to further enslave people, make their lives miserable and rule them with the iron fist of a police state.  Thats insanity.

I have the discussion with my wife frequently and her response is simple.  There is nothing you can about it, deal with whatever comes when it happens, you can't figure out what the plan is or when it is coming because they don't want you to know.  This is the same response I got from someone on the Ron Paul forums.  Doesn't stop me from trying to figure out and use clues to conjecture the blueprint and timeline. It's irresistible.

The US, the UK, Canada etc are all broke.  The system of debt-money fiat currency is broken, collapsing and on its last legs.  It is unmistakably in a death spiral.  US employment stands at 58% retracing 25 years of gains.  Credit is contracting at an increasing rate.   Obama met with bankers and had a news conference to announce he had encouraged them to increase lending to small business but they are not.  Everything points to a shrinking economy, increasing joblessness,  misery for the many at the hands of the few.

As one blogger writes:
"In my mind, it is just a question of timing now. When will the dominoes start to topple? It is still possible, in principle, that crisis might be averted. It is possible that the policymakers will pull back from fiscal irresponsibility. It is possible, but looks increasingly unlikely. They have promised to 'save' their economies. The big questions now are the questions of when it will start, and what will provide the push."

What is the endgame?  A totalitarian feudal state or Transfinancial Economics?

Unfortunately at this stage I can't tell.  It is one or the other.

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