Thursday, January 14, 2010

mother, mother

Why on earth can't you see reality.  Denial and brainwashing I know, It's not your fault.  I should take some courses on how to deprogram brainwashing.  Facts and evidence are useless against brainwashed zombies.  Like arguing with climate change deniers.  Is the climate changing?  Is it man-made?  Does it matter?  Can we do something?  Can we stop cutting down the rain forest, stop breeding cows, stop polluting the environment?

When the next phase comes, when the world moves en mass from denial to confusion, I don't want to say to my parents "I told you so."  I still want them to see it before it comes so they can recognize it as it unfolds.

Every month the facts on the economy gets worse and worse.  Records keep getting broken time and time again.  December 09 saw a record credit contraction, yet again.  Almost a million people were dropped off the rolls making December the worst job loss rate since records were started, more people work for government than in manufacturing for the first time in history.  Personal and business bankruptcies are up almost 40% over 2008, record 2.8 million foreclosures with another 3-3.5 million expected in 2010 along with 500 bank closures.  Almost 40 million on food stamps, only 58% of labor force employed retracing gains from the last 25 years, real US unemployment at almost 22%, The list goes on and on.

Listened to a great interview with Catherine Austin Fitts today on Alex Jones and she made some very interesting points.  She thinks the solution is local and state governments need to take control back from the federal government. In particular their economies and currencies. Alex kept interjecting with looting bankers etc which is all true, but I have to be believe that Obama and crew know what they are doing. 

I think there are only three possibilities with Obama.  1) He is a corporate banker tool 2) He is a fool 3) He is who the republicans and democrats say he is.  Obama is clearly not a fool and the odds that he is a corporate banker tool are very slim just because of who he has associated with i.e. Bill Ayers.

Watched Glenn Beck interview with Sarah Palin which was also fascinating.  I want to lay a bet 2012 will see Palin-Beck ticket.  The interview was interesting because Beck touched on all the themes and implied that you can trust Palin to save America.  While at the same time both Beck and Palin said after 200 years America is due for a paradigm shift and that new paradigm is coming.  The implication was that Palin can be trusted to lead America to that new paradigm without saying what it was.  Palin can be trusted to listen and act on behalf of the people, not corporations and banks.  What a load of rubbish. If you can't trust Obama, you certainly can't trust Palin.

Glenn Beck has been fascinating since Jan 4th 2010.  I stopped watching him last fall as couldn't take the hyperbole anymore, but since this year started he has been amazing.  Amazing for his honesty and accuracy.  He still leaves stuff out and panders to his audience, but he is doing a fantastic job of laying it all out in very simple terms.

"Feels like 1935"

"I'm going to start eating my own feet"

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