Saturday, January 16, 2010

More Headlines - Friday Jan15 2010

Marc Faber: The Next Thing You Need To Worry About Is The PIIGS

Marc Faber: "We Are Doomed" Charts 

Manhattan Apartment Rents Decline 9.4% 

RealtyTrac: 2009 was Record Year for Foreclosure Filings 

S&P Downgrades California 

Number Of U.S. Business Start-Ups Drop 24%, Leading Global Decline

Small Business Trends Suggest No Recovery On Horizon  

Those who believe we can 'make it all ok' are delusional beyond words

Consumer Credit in U.S. Drops Record $17.5 Billion in November 

2009 GDP: Britain: Worst decline in 88 Years, Germany: Worst Since WWII 

Rail Traffic in 2009: Lowest since at least 1988 

Elizabeth Warren: Behind the TARP Bailout

Dollar Crisis Looms if US Doesn't Curb Debt: Experts 

More Homeowners Struggling As Option ARMs Reset Higher 

Walkaways, Pay Option ARMS Hit Banks Bad  

Homeowners paying mortgage with plastic 

Food Shortages Coming, Buy Commodities: Jim Rogers 

Greece's Deficit Cuts Unrealistic: Analyst 

Joe Saluzzi Refuses To Drink The Economic Kool-Aid

The Coming Sovereign Debt Crisis 

Five of B.C.’s leading financial thinkers reflect 
on the Year from Hell – and what we can expect in 2010 
(hopefully, something better…) 

Bankers Get $4 Trillion Gift From Barney Frank  

Big Banks Accused of Short Sale Fraud

banks "do not have an obligation to promote the public good."

How to deal with the coming economic crisis 

The Economy Has Six Months to Live (too short imo)

Net Worth, 2008

Europe slapping rich with massive traffic fines

World Economic Forum warns of further economic crises ahead

Sovereign Debt Crisis Coming As Recovery Stalls 

'Significant chance' of second financial crisis, warns World Economic Forum 

A global fiasco is brewing in Japan

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