Friday, January 15, 2010

There is no immient collapse. Still years away.

"The world of finance doesn’t actually make any sense to anybody anymore. In the US, monetary sophistication has so outpaced that of every other country/culture that the US Central Bankers pretty much manipulate however they please, on a global scale, and the rest of the world has pretty much been trained to stop being pro-active and only react to what is happening to them, and try to keep from losing their shirts.So anything can happen, it seems.

My own 2 cents is that right now the doomsayers are all behind the curve — no matter how logical their view may be. On the highest levels I suspect most Western countries are falling into lock-step with the “recovery” theme. Eastern powers, not so much…. I’d suspect 2010 will be more of a “recovery” year than a “sky is falling” year that so many predict. I don’t say it’s going to last…I just no longer believe our impending collapse is going to happen quickly enough to actually turn the tables on the Powers that Be, as so many of us hoped…"

I agree with this analysis.  The game will continue until it breaks on its own weight which could quite literally be years and years away.  Sad but true I think.  As much as I want to believe Obama is who he and the republicans said he was, the problem is actions speak louder than words, and so far all actions are in favor of corporations, the financial elite and quite literally baubles and platitudes to the people.  It is quite horrifying actually.  The most depressing MSM news show is Dylan Ratigan on MSNBC.  The latest bauble to the masses is the bank recovery tax, what a joke.  It is so laughable and pathetic I don't know how Obama could have even announced it with a straight face.  I don't know how he can say things like I don't work for the banks.  It is quite literally staggering and beggars belief. 

What is most confusing to me about Obama is his background and how he came to be President.  He associated with Bill Ayers, Palestinians, Reverend Wright and many other radical thinkers.  Radical as opposed to redneck american thinking.   The facts of his background are indisputable, he cannot have gone through those twenty some years without it having some effect on his thinking about the world.  During the 2008 campaign Obama articulated all the problems that exist in America and the world as if he understood that something had to be done.  From his actions while President, from all appearances he has been completely co-opted by the corporate financial elite.  Clinging to the feeble hope this is some kind of ruse is delusional.

The other very confusing thing about Obama is that I know without a doubt he was selected to be President and the McCain campaign went out of their way to help get Obama elected.  There is so much evidence of this it is overwhelming.  Almost a year ago I put together an entire litany of evidence in sequence to prove this.  I even sent it to some media outlets who ignored it.  Some day I will dig it out.    The point is its indisputable.  Alex Jones argues that Obama was chosen to be President by the financial elite in order to co-opt the left and give them some hope Obama was going to free them from financial slavery.   From all Obama's actions since taking office so far Alex Jones is exactly right.  The other day Alex said the tyranny was going to continue for at least another 10 years.  This is very depressing.  One analyst on Bloomberg the other day said it would continue for another twelve years.  I really hope they are both wrong.  What a miserable thought.  What it does mean is you can never trust another politician ever again.  If you can't trust and believe Obama, you can't trust anyone ever again.

The argument for Obama being putting in place to lead the world to a new financial system based on something like Transfinancial economics is sound.  The US has trillions in unfunded liabilities and an aging population just like Canada, Japan and other countries.  It cannot afford social security, medicare or medicaid and has to do something.  Garth Turner recently wrote that he did not think a crisis will occur until 2015 at the earliest.  In other words it looks like nothing will be done until it breaks.  Almost as if the earthquake, relief effort and reconstruction in Haiti is a "dry run"

The Ukraine is currently having a presidential election and watched this news report about it on Russia today.  The people had such hope during the Orange revolution of 2004 only to have it shattered as their politicans became corrupt, made themselves rich and did nothing.

It also makes me question the Zeitgeist movement since if we are looking at another 10-12 years of this then they are little premature.  I don't know what to think

This chart gives some idea of where we are in the financial cycle, and basically says years away from a crisis.  I read somewhere that one analyst thinks Japan may default in 3-4 years but can't find that link at the moment.


  1. I'm not a Zeitgeist expert but I think that what they are trying to do is show people that there is an option outside of a corrupt government. If the US government failed tomorrow, the people would set up the US Government II because that's all they know. They have been indoctrinated into believing that the pretend democracy is the best in the world and there is nothing better. By starting now, the Zeitgeist movement is hoping to educate people so that when the collapse happens, people will look outside the box for an answer. I don't want to go through 10 - 12 more years of this but I don't want to reboot a corrupt system either.

  2. Questions are healthy, but don't lose hope; solutions inherit to TZM are sound today and will be whenever the collapse occurs.

    Adding, nothing prevents you from educating yourself today on the means to generating abundance of the things we are all share (water, food, shelter, education); act today for a better tomorrow, don't wait.